Water Efficiency Is More Important Than Ever

A few simple changes can make a big difference.
January 21, 2014

Despite the recent declaration of a statewide drought by the governor, the San Diego County Water Authority has adequate supplies for 2014 because of local investments in diverse and more reliable water supplies over the past two decades and a long-term decrease in regional water demand. This decrease in demand is thanks to you and your water conservation efforts. Great job, San Diego!

While we're not projecting the need for countywide water-use restrictions this year, we are monitoring weather conditions across the Southwest. We are also encouraging residents to keep up the good work and continue to use water as efficiently as possible.

A list of indoor and outdoor water-saving tips are available here: WaterSmart Tips for Residents. For a printable list of indoor and outdoor water-saving tips, download the attachment Every Drop Counts below.

Thanks again for your water-saving efforts, San Diego!

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