WaterSmart Turf Replacement Program

Get $1.50 per square foot to replace turf with WaterSmart landscaping.
April 4, 2014

Lawns have been a suburban staple for decades, but these days many homeowners and property managers are realizing that they don’t really need a large patch of grass. Maybe their kids have grown up or they simply don’t want the hassle of mowing every week. Lawn replacement has become so popular that it is even gaining traction in wet places such as Vancouver, British Columbia, and Cleveland, Ohio.

The San Diego County Water Authority recently started offering homeowners up to $3,000 for replacing conventional turf grass with plants more suited to the region’s semi-arid climate. Businesses can get up to $9,000. The Turf Replacement Program is funded through state and federal grants.

The idea is pretty simple: About half the water used at the typical home is for landscaping, and WaterSmart landscapes can cut outdoor water use by up to 70 percent through a combination of proper plant selection and irrigation technology.

There are a lot of attractive options for lawn replacement. In fact, the Water Authority has collected design ideas and other resources to make it as easy as possible to replace your turf and qualify for the rebate of $1.50 per square foot of converted lawn. Details are at turfreplacement.watersmartsd.org.

Before After

Before turf replacement                                      After turf replacement with WaterSmart landscaping