Premium High-Efficiency Toilet Rebates

The SoCal Water$mart program provides financial incentives to encourage customers to choose 1.1 gallon per flush or less Premium High Efficiency Toilets (PHETs). Toilets are by far the main source of water use in the home, accounting for nearly 30 percent of an average home's indoor water consumption. Recent advancements have allowed toilets to use 1.1 gallons per flush or less while still providing equal or superior performance. Qualifying PHETs must be from the list of approved models. Rebates start at $40 per toilet.

Click here for a list of qualifying models.

  • Eligible toilets must replace existing toilets using 1.6 gallons per flush or more.
  • Premium high-efficiency toilets use almost 20% less water than the WaterSense standard and flush the same amount of waste just as, if not more effectively.
  • Water savings from high-efficiency toilets can save over $800 on your water bill over the lifetime of the product. Combine these savings with SoCal Water$mart rebates and premium high-efficiency toilet upgrades can pay for themselves.
  • The qualifying premium high-efficiency models available for a rebate have been performance tested and certified through MaP testing. MaP testing is an independent testing program.

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