Time to Tap Rain Barrel Rebates

Save money and stormwater this winter

The San Diego County Water Authority encourages everyone to save water this winter by taking advantage of a regional $35 rebate on qualifying rain barrel purchases.

Rain barrels are easy to install -- watch our fun video below to see just how easy. And they provide a variety of environmental benefits including capturing rain and preventing it from becoming an unused resource; saving water by storing for use on landscapes in between rain events; and preventing unwanted runoff, thus reducing ocean water pollution.

“Water stored in rain barrels can gradually be released into landscapes between rains,” said Joni German, water resources specialist for the Water Authority. “With our region’s traditionally wet months just ahead, this is a great way to increase your outdoor water efficiency and Live WaterSmart.”

If you're interested in purchasing the rain barrel featured in the video for only $90, visit Solana Center for Environmental Innovation's online ordering site. Rain barrels can also be purchased at local big box stores, nurseries, specialty stores and other online sites. Before purchasing your rain barrel, be sure to review the rebate program eligibility guidelines.

The $35 rebate is available thru the SoCalWaterSmart program, administered by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. The Water Authority contributes funding for the SoCalWaterSmart program as an MWD member agency. To learn more about the rain barrel rebates and to claim a rebate after a rain barrel purchase, visit SoCal Water$mart.

The Water Authority launched its Live WaterSmart campaign in July to promote the many available opportunities for homeowners and businesses to make the most of every drop.

To purchase the rain barrel featured in this video for only $90 visit Solana Center for Environnmental Innovation's online ordering site. Click here to see the full 5-minute video on how to assemble and install your rain barrel.